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Downtown Air Duct Cleaning is Your #1 air duct cleaning Business when it comes to Providers in With years of expertise, we also have experience in what we do. We've been doing air duct cleaning for many years now. We serve 20 locations around Charlotte, NC.
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Downtown Air Duct Cleaning in Charlotte is always on a mission to expand our service area and provide the quickest and trusted duct cleaning service.


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Air Duct Cleaners Charlotte NC

Downtown Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte North Carolina offers service to both residential and commercial air duct cleaning services. Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte offers free estimates, we are open 24/7 with emergency service. Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte technicians are trained to clean air ducts, carpets, upholstery and blinds. The service trucks are equipped with the best cleaning equipment available. We use safe chemicals unlike other company’s who might use products that only add to poor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte can remove mold and mildew, dust and debris from your air ducts that can cause certain illness. We will make the air indoors clean and fresh and safe to breathe.

Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC

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Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Downtown Air Duct Cleaning specializes in grade air duct cleaning solutions and also our number one concern is keeping the fantastic shape of your air ducts since we understand that it directly impacts you! Among the most crucial issues people face in daily life isn't having clean air to breath in their houses.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is often overlooked upkeep, however it needs to be considered a highly significant process. Dryer vents work to draw from the hot air generated in your dryer and ship it out your property. When not preserved correctly, dryer vents may become a danger.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Duct Repair

Duct Repair

Our technicians will do a review of your air Duct system utilizing complex equipment designed to identify leaks and abnormalities on your air flow. Changes to your loft area, natural altering, and specific maintenance work (when completed with no respect to your air ducts), in addition to contaminant, build upward from filthy air ducts may result in air duct harm.
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Downtown Air Duct Cleaning is Your number one air duct cleaning Business when it comes to Providers in With years of expertise, we also have experience in what we do. We've been doing air duct cleaning for many years now. Downtown Air Duct Cleaning function at 20 locations around Charlotte, NC. Together with our upfront and honest nature in every facet, we provide quality air duct cleaning solutions and are the number one choice for the clients.

Our air duct cleaning is effective enough to accommodate all of your air duct cleaning procedures demands.

Downtown Air Duct Cleaning Is your name behind the very best firm for air duct cleaning Charlotte NC. We operate with a vision of producing a gap in the cleaning business by shipping fantastic excellent solutions.

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Charlotte NC Best Air Duct Cleaning Company

If you need the air ducts and carpets cleaned why call two separate companies to do the job. Call Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte and we can clean your carpets and air ducts in one visit. We can clean any upholstery that you may have at the same time. The same thing applies with your office / commercial , why call several cleaning companies call Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte and we can clean everything at once. We can get rid of the musty smell and the mold and mildew that cause allergies and asthma. We care about your health. If you have a stain that you can not get out , give us a call and Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte technicians will remove that stain. Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte can remove stubborn stains on your carpets and upholstery. Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte is the best air duct cleaning service in Charlotte NC. Do you have heavy drapery that need’s cleaning. Call Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte today and we can clean those drapes right where they hang removing dust and musty smells. Even our furniture and mattresses need aired out occasionally. Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte can have the mattress and furniture smelling fresh and clean. Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte can remove the mold and mildew from your home. Removing the mold and mildew is not that simple. You can wipe the mildew away but it does not get rid of the mold and mildew that may be in your air ducts. Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte professional technician use safe chemicals that eliminate the mold and mildew giving your home or office clean safe air to breathe. There are many reasons to have your air ducts cleaned, clean air is the number one reason but here are a few other reasons:
  • Healthy indoor air
  • Removing dust and debris from heat and air system can save on utility bill Your heat and air unit could fail due to excessive dust
  • Cleaning the air ducts remove allergens and toxins that can cause illness
  • Allergies can worsen with unhealthy air
  • Asthma can worsen with unhealthy air
  • cleaning the air ducts will remove musty odors
Contact Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte today and have your air ducts, carpets, drapery and upholstery cleaned all at once to remove allergens and harmful toxins such as mold and mildew. Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte is the best air duct cleaning service in charlotte north carolina metropolitan. We do service all Charlotte Metropolitan from Charlotte, Concord, Moorisville, Huntersville, Cornelius NC and more give us a call 24/7 for free estimate Our Mailing address : 214 N Tryon St Ste 200 Charlotte, NC 28202 please give us review @  Judys Book Yellowbot Insider pages
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why should air ducts be cleaned?

A: Various studies have demonstrated that indoor air may be two to five times MORE polluted than indoor air. Most disposable filters eliminate about 10 percent of those pollutants permitting 90 percent to put in the air system, even through the building of a new residence. The pollutants include pollen, dust, mould spores, animal dander and a whole lot more. The furniture and flooring are cleaned frequently however, the duct surfaces have been concealed from view and could only be attained by technical duct cleaning gear. These pollutants may migrate into the space , or turn into a food source for bacteria and mold, which may flourish within this dark cozy surroundings from high moisture or humidity in your air conditioner or humidifiers. Biological expansion can release mould spores or toxins to the atmosphere system.

Q: How can mold grow in a duct system and what problems can it cause?

Q: Mold spores call for a steady temperature, so a food supply and moisture to survive and replicate. Dust and grime which undergo the filter really are a fantastic food supply. Even the furnace/air conditioner is intended to keep a comfortable temperature, and moisture can be found from humid conditions at the surroundings, the humidifier from the furnace and also the heating coils within an air conditioner. Live molds may release spores which will trigger allergies or allergic reactions, and sometimes severe, at roughly 10 percent of the populace. Mold both dead and living can create toxins that might result in short term allergies. Long term exposures to elevated levels of certain mould toxins could lead to permanent chemical sensitivity to ordinary substances from the environment.

Q: How should the air system be cleaned?

A: Air system cleaning is a simple four step process. To view the details of this process, please view our duct cleaning procedures page.

Q: How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?

A: When an air process is completely cleaned, then it must stay fresh for 3 to 7 years when properly maintained along with a high arrestance filter has been set up. A normal disposable filter just stops about 10 percent of those airborne contaminates, letting 90% of the dust from the area to stream back in the atmosphere system. To maintain security against biological development, an EPA registered biocide ought to be applied every 6 to 12 weeks with a capable Duct Cleaning Professional.

Q: What are the sources of air duct contamination?

A: All indoors air was outside atmosphere, so each the dust, pollen, chemicals, insects and mould spores in the external air may be hauled into the atmosphere. People shed countless dead skin cells each hour. Cooking smoke, and household pest sprays, and personal care goods are also a source of pollutants. Many building materials, rugs, wood products and plastics give off pollutants too. During remodeling or construction activities, various kinds of dust are generated and find their way to the home work. In case the duct elements were stored outside before construction, they might have accumulated dust, rain water and even mould before they had been installed in a method.

Q: What does it cost to have a whole air system cleaned?

A: This may depend on a great deal of aspects, like the dimensions of the house, amount of distribution ducts, just how long because the ducts have been washed, etc.. The entire system ought to be cleaned along with a much more efficient filter set up to help keep the machine clean more. A competent home cleaning firm wouldn't have the capacity to do so for under $200 to get a little residence or 800 for a massive home.

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