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Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC For A Pollutant Free Home

An air conditioner that works efficiently at optimum levels , quietly pumping clean, filtered air throughout your home to provide a comfortable temperature in each room, is a pleasure to have. However, to keep working at these optimum levels, an air conditioner needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Filters need to be changed frequently and the air ducts and grilles cleaned on a regular basis. Grease entering the air from cooking fumes, combined with airborne dust, causes a build-up of dirt in air ducts and grilles which can prevent clean air from flowing smoothly through the air conditioning system. When this happens, the air conditioner has to work harder to pump the air through clogged ducts, becoming noisy and unable not cool the air efficiently.
Mold could take hold in dirty air ducts and spread throughout the entire air conditioning system. Mold spores are air borne and pumped into the air through the air conditioning duct system and the vents, contaminating the air. If these spores are breathed in, they can cause health problems such as allergies and more serious upper respiratory diseases. Having your air conditioner ducts and vents cleaned on a regular basis can make a major difference to the quality of air you and your family breathe, as well as saving you money on energy consumption.
Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte will clean your air conditioning ducts from the inside out, using patented and specialized equipment to penetrate deep into the duct work, whereas other duct cleaners can only clean as far as their particular equipment allows them to reach. Vents are not only cleaned from the outside, but technicians can also clean the system from the attic to make sure that the entire duct and vent system is thoroughly cleaned.
To get the air in your home completely pollutant free, cleaning has to reach all the way to the HVAC unit. If the depth of the HVAC unit is not completely clean, dust will be re-distributed back to the duct work as soon as the system is switched on, and pumped into the rest of the home. The commitment of Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC to providing your home with clean, dust free and healthy air that is completely pollutant free, shows in the thoroughness of their cleaning methods.
What does a cleaning process from Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC involve?
– Vacuum and hand cleaning of all vents and register covers to remove every trace of dust.
– The Duct Sweeper reaches deep into the duct work through the vents, removing every trace of dust, including dander and dust mites. This patent pending sweeper extracts and retains the dust inside the machine to prevent contamination of the air in the rest of the home. The special filter in the HEPA system of this equipment filters and cleans the air before it is blown out into the environment.
– Optional, but highly recommended services include cleaning the mechanical components such as the blower motor, filters, hosing interior and drain pans.
– When the unit is dust and pollutant free, it is disinfected to eliminate mold and other contaminants from the entire system. An additional option offered is a “system fogging”, which will eliminate all mildew spores, fungi, bacteria and germs from the system which may have survived after a regular cleaning.
For the sake of your family’s health, it is essential to have clean air flowing from properly maintained and clean air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems. A newly cleaned system runs smoothly and efficiently, compared to a dirty one, clogged with debris and contaminants, resulting in a cost saving on energy consumption.
Air duct cleaning every two to three years will keep your system pollutant free and operating at optimal levels. To get rid of dust and pollutants in the air you breathe at home, contact Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC for an estimate.
Dryer vent cleaning will eliminate the risk of a fire and your clothes will dry quicker. If the vent system of your dryer unit is blocked, usually caused by lint from clothes drying, the system will overheat and become a fire hazard. Alternatively, the unit may break down , with resultant repair costs. A clean dryer vent will increase air flow and allow the dryer to operate more efficiently. To keep your dryer safe and operating at full capacity, it is important to have the dryer vents cleaned with a special cleaning service from Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC.

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